If ever a single moment of your life is worth preserving, this is one. Photography can't do it alone. You need the magical, candid, artistic, and modern style of i-video to do this moment justice. Professional video production of all genres in the industry needs a minimum of 2 camera angles, professional audio, and most importantly the appropriate lighting and camera lenses to capture your special day. Our team has experience in various production elements such as corporate videos, music videos, commercials, promos, and much more, hence leaving you stress free on the day of your event!

In our experience, having one team do both your wedding videography and photography is much more convenient and affordable. Not only do you get an additional discount, but also a team that has a great working dynamic and most importantly, avoids one another's shots, ultimately making your media package the best it can be. The option of booking just video or just photo on its own is also available, although we recommend having FULL coverage of your once in a lifetime memory.

10 hours is an adequate time to cover the most important features of your day, including preparations, the ceremony, the venue, after party, and things in between. Customizable hours are also available. Just message us with inquiries! You can message us to arrange a meeting regarding video or photo production. We do not limit our clients to locations and travel to all destinations to ensure you get our high quality of work.

An engagement video / Love Story is a great asset to your wedding media package or as a stand alone product to share online and keep as a momentum. This project is produced prior to the wedding, which makes it a great feature to have displayed on a projector for your guests at the venue. We recommend creating a piece that reflects the couple, whether portraying how they met or by creating an entertaining story or music video to express them. You can even use the video as a WEDDING INVITATION! The options are endless and up to you.
Like an engagement video, these professional photos are shot and edited prior to your wedding to be used with your engagement announcement, to post on your wedding web page, to create a guest book or signage with, or to decorate your wedding reception/venue. You can have your engagement photos taken at a location that is important to you, or simply somewhere beautiful. Our artistic, modern, and vintage style will surely be appreciated, plus you get to meet our team!
When considering a media production team to capture your photos and videos, be familiar with their quality. Our work exhibits a cinematic approach, meaning it is highly edited and stylized like a film. It also possesses a documentary vibe throughout certain sequences full of interviews and storytelling techniques that will make your audience fall in love.

A professional film/photo shoot requires state of the art and modern equipment. Our gear is valued over $30,000 and ensures your project is produced in FULL HD, with rich sounding wireless microphones, and effective lighting techiniques. We use efficient low light sensitive cameras to create our renound "film like" videos and vintage/modern photographs.

We are located in the Greater Toronto Area and have produced projects all over Canada. Our equipment is compact and capable of travelling anywhere in the world! A moment of this value deserves only the best so take the time to choose your media professioals wisely. It is very likely that the on location videographer/photographer at your destination is not fully experienced or qualified hence many couples would rather bring pros from home who are trustworthy and can handle the most critical aspects of your once in a lifetime memories. Please contact us for international travel fees and destination packages.
When bringing in a local and accessible videographer/photographer to produce your destination wedding, you will be responsible to pay for 2 one week all inclusive tickets as well a a minimal editing fee. ALL PRODUCTION FEES are currently FREE of charge, but subject to change with demand. Those additional travel fees can be minimal in comparison to the money you will be saving not having to feed the hundreds of guests who would have shown up to your wedding if you were to marry closer to home. This is the biggest reason why most couples opt for a destination wedding in the first place.
In most cases hiring a resort videographer/photographer is much like eating at a fast food restaurant. It satisfies your hunger for a limited time but then proceeds to make you regret the investment. Resort photographers and videographers have specific sales techniques to double the cost of regular productions. They often limit couples to a certain amount of pictures, video, time, and most importantly are no longer accessible after the event. Great media producers are a treasure, something you will always cherish. You can have your wedding in the most beautiful place on earth, however, if you do not have amazing media to re-live that day you will spend the rest of your life wishing you did.

We at i-video.ca walk a fine line between delivering a great product and delivering it in the fastest possible way. We strive to deliver your professionally edited photos within 1-4 weeks so that you may enjoy them promptly, without any sacrifice in quality; but our video products on the other hand take a lot more time and knowledge to produce, whether through audio enhancements, colour grading, or proper story sequencing. We set ourselves apart from the competition by focusing an intense amount of time into the post production process so that you receive a TRUE HD product processed in the same way as a hollywood film. Anyone who says that it takes less time to produce a video product is either lying or simply presenting a RAW footage edit only, which will never match up to a true work of art. The sad part is that the general public will not be able to differentiate between RAW video and a properly enhanced project unless comparing the two side by side.