As photographers we can share with you why we love to work at Golf Course’s weddings!
Our number one preference in this case is of course the photo shoot and at the golf course you can have a perfect picture setting, you’ll be surrounded by flawless, vibrant green grass. Even in the winter, when snow may be your backdrop, the white hills and valleys will appear pristine and unspoiled. And what to say about golf carts and clubs that you can use to have fun and click unique photos.

Also if you don’t want to be driving around and switching places for every part of the day at a Golf course wedding you can have Ceremony, reception and photo shoot all in one place! and save some time (you have no idea how much time you can loose driving from one place to another during whole day).

And last preference about this places but not less important is the parking. We all know how hard can be sometimes to find a place to park in the city and not event talking about the prices! At a golf course the parking is free and there is a lot of room for everyone!
So if you are thinking about having your wedding at a Golf Course here I gave you some tips that can be useful at the time to take a decision! And if you love our photos in this post as much as we do you can always contact us and we can guide you through to have the best Golf Course Wedding Photography experience!


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