Who doesn’t love the beach? so why not having your dream wedding at the beach?

Experts in weddings says that one out of five Canadians choose to get married at the beach. Destination weddings are becoming very popular this days and more people is thinking about having a wedding at the Caribbean or any other beach!
Destination wedding isn’t a one-day affair, but rather a days-long celebration.
While the wedding itself is only a one-day event, you should account for the days your guests arrive, leave and relax in between. So destination weddings are more then just say yes to your loved one its also a vacation itself!
So if you thinking about it besides all the organization, dress, make, hair…. also have in mind that is ONE TIME EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE! and after all its done, the only thing you have left is the memories of those days! So one of the most important thing is to choose your destination Photographer! and don’t leave it to the end! Destination wedding season is not too long and many photographers might be fully booked for that time!
And when you think about who do you want to keep your memories for that special day, think about what you looking for to see after in those photos! We can offer you years of experience, to capture original and candid photos and we are a very easy going team that you can relax and just have fun!
So if you looking for a destination wedding photographer who takes your photos and its easy to work with and have experience in the wedding business you can contact us! We would be pleased to have a coffee with you and help you in anything we can!

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