As a photographer I personally love to see variety when it comes to a wedding, different cultures, ceremonies…and Indian weddings are always among my favourites with vibrant colours, rich accessories, meaningful rituals and fun festivities.
Be part of their traditions, colours (oh I love those colours!!) and the way they commit each other in a magical and spiritual way.

Every time I have the opportunity to shoot an Indian Wedding I’m so glad because I can play with all the different variety that they offer me during the 2, 3 or 4 days wedding.
And because of their traditions and different religions every Indian Wedding is unique!

One thing that I particularly enjoyed a lot taking photos is when they are dancing, smiling and having fun like when they having the Baraat, which is the groom’s procession. There is (lots of) dancing and singing by the groom’s family and friends, that brings the groom, via horse, to the wedding ceremony. The first time I seen this I was so amazed! At Indians Weddings they know how to have fun and celebrate their love.

And of course every part of Indians Wedding has a magical something! The traditional ceremony, the engagement ceremony, the venue, their dances, everything!

I am glad and thankful and love to photograph this unique, colourful and fun Indian Culture Weddings and here I will share with you some of my photos that I had the pleasure to take! Enjoy!

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