Custom Entertainment

Dear brothers and sisters:

I’ve been involved in special events business for over 14 years, mostly making serious $ for others. Couple years ago, with very limited start up capital I decided to start my own part time adventure and I opened up my own company. As my background is in logistics and not marketing and/or web design, developing a marketable website was one of my major shortcomings. I knocked at godaddy’s door and they answered with the most unattractive and near impossible to manage website I could get. I had to deal with it due to the fine print until I came across Mike and his undivided attention. To be honest the reason I took a leap of faith with him was because he knew exactly what I needed, he told me upfront what I’ll get, he showed me samples... bottom line he was in the same business I target and not some guy somewhere in some basement that knows how to code. I don’t know and I don’t care if he’s the best out there but fact is he did RIGHT by me and answered day and night every question I had, fixed in a more than timely manor any glitch and offered a stellar support. 

Thank you for your time and props to Mike.


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